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Our Mission

We guarantee service performance and reliability of hosted business applications in enterprise and cloud computing data centers.

Meet The Team

  • Mikael Loefstrand

    Co-Founder and CEO

    J. Mikael Loefstrand, Co-Founder and CEO is technologist at heart, whose vision and drive to create intelligent computing started some twenty years ago as he explored new transition technologies for operating systems and networks.  With these perspectives, Mikael now leads the vision of Skalera.  His experience include Chief Architect & Technologist for various organizations such as Engineering, Professional Services, Sales and Services for several global 500 tech firms such as Sun Microsystems, Dell and Oracle. He holds patents in Cloud Computing Technologies, was awarded Sun’s Key Individual Contributor Award in 2008, Principal Engineer in 2006, and Distinguished Engineer in 2009.

  • Patricia Sueltz

    Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

    Patricia Cary Sueltz, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, is an accomplished high tech industry veteran, who has led and grown businesses ranging from early stage, angel-funded startups to multibillion dollar business for Global 100 Public Companies. She brings a combination of industry knowledge, business acuity, and software & services development, channel & direct sales/services insights to every high technology environment.   Ms Sueltz was President and CEO of LogLogic, Inc., where during the “Great Recession”, she grew revenues of 40% and led M&A activities that placed LogLogic as a leader in Security Management.  Prior to LogLogic, Ms Sueltz was CEO of SurfControl Plc, an LSE-listed internet content protection company, where she led a revival of the business from flat to declining billings ($97M) to $150M billings. Ms Sueltz has also served as a board director on a number of public and private companies, and non-profit organizations, including Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Delphi, Amgen, Upstart Mobile, Saint Mary's College School of Economics & Business; and The American Foundation for the Blind.

    Prior Positions include:

    President, Technology, Systems, & Marketing, salesforce com

    Executive Vice President, Services, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Executive Vice President, Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Vice-President, Internet Software, IBM Corporation


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