Skalera became operational in 2014, and we are a  Software Company spearheading Automated Analytics and Performance management for Enterprise and Cloud data centers.
Our software use machine learning and automation to increase the efficiency in data centers & minimize over provisioning usually necessary to meet service demands at peak times. Cloud Providers can also offer Capacity Management and prioritization as a Service to their customers using Skalera's unique product. 

Skalera's automated optimization and prioritization of resource use in the data center is based on real time predictions and set policies. We deliver on cost optimization promises in data centers based on business requirements. 

Please give us a call at 650-262-1000, or send an email to info@skalera if you would like to learn how to do more with less in your data center.
Management Team
We have a very experienced management team and a set of very prominent advisors.
Mikael Loefstrand is the CEO and co-founder, view his profile .
Patricia Sueltz is a business strategist, and co-founder, view her profile .
Scott McNealy, is an advisor to Skalera, view his profile .
Max Rayner is an advisor to Skalera, view his profile .