We are an early stage startup software company that is spearheading Automated Analytics and Performance Management for data centers and cloud computing environments. Being early stage, we are looking for entrepreneurial individuals to join on team and get in on the “ground floor”. We believe in flexible schedules, and never ending exciting projects! Working remotely is never an issue with us (we already have folks spread around from Europe to Canada to multiple US locations).

Currently we are looking for some great individuals to join the team to help us move and grow faster. Please take a look at the roles listed below, and if you think you’d like to learn more, get in touch!
Front End Developer(s)

In the role we are looking for folks who can work with the rest of our Web Development team to build rich interactive user experiences (think complex graphs, with many layers of drill downs!). The right candidate will work closely with a variety of functions, including; UX Design, Usability, Product Management and our Back-end Development team. Hopefully you’re well organized, self-motivated and capable of managing multiple complex projects at the same time in an Agile development environment, because that’s what’s needed!
Preferred Skills are the following:
· JavaScript
· D3
· Bootstrap
· Ruby on Rails
· Go
· AngularJS
· Agile development
OpenStack Automation Guru

For this role we’re looking for experienced Automation Engineer with Openstack experience In this role, you’ll be a key contributor delivering new product features and functionality around automating Openstack. We use agile development processes with frequent iterations, so you’ll be able to see the results of your innovation and hard work put to use in production before you know it. We’d call that satisfying.
Deep Learning Expert

Without having to explain it, if you know what Deep Learning is, and you know how to do it, we have an exciting new way to apply it. Reams of what seem like disparate data will be provided, for you to sort out, apply the right types of algorithms, and help drive unheard of levels of optimization in the worlds Data Centers. This isn’t an academic role..(although, if you’re from academia, you’re still welcome to join)
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