Skalera has defined a set of solutions and services based on our extensive experience in architecting, building and operating private and public cloud solutions.
  1. Performance Troubleshooting
    Performance Troubleshooting
    Our Performance Troubleshooting Service provides the tools and expertise necessary to identify the root cause of infrastructure and application performance issues. Our service provides end-to-end application visibility to ensure the root cause pinpointed and provide the information necessary for a quick resolution. Our toolbox consist of a range of specialist tools to isolate the source of the performance issues.
  2. Performance Managed Services
    Performance Managed Services
    The Performance Managed Services provides insight and trending of performance of your IT environment, in real time identifying performance issues before they impact the business. Performance Management is fundamental to maintaining desired service levels for business critical services within an organization. Our service is designed to provide performance monitoring, alerting, trending, analysis and troubleshooting, providing ease of mind to IT organizations.
  3. Cloud Proof of Concepts
    Cloud Proof of Concepts
    The Cloud Proof of Concept (PoC) help customers reduce risk while they are taking their first steps into the cloud. We support the decision-making process with sound and thorough technical data and analysis based on the customers own requirements. This service will provide an architectural overview, including a thorough test plan and guidelines for buildout together with recommendations of deployments, resources and cost considerations.